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Welcome to John's Urban Timber

Where specialty is normal and unique is everything.

My business is providing the services people need to recycle and reclaim wood into useful products, and I have been doing this since the fall of 1998. I utilize logs from people's yards, tree services, storm damage, and anything not commercially harvested, and I extract the best of what Mother Nature has to offer.

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What I Do

With three different size sawmills, John’s Urban Timber saws logs into unique slabs and then uses a vacuum kiln to properly and thoroughly dry the wood. After that, a variety of shop resources are combined with customer desires and a craftsman’s skill, producing a fine finished product every time.

My Approach

All that wood used at John’s Urban Timber comes from logs generated by tree removals in urban settings, whether it be from directly from a homeowner, a tree service, or customer-provided source. Then it’s a matter of sawing, drying, and using shop resources to finish off one-of-a-kind products only a passionate craftsman can produce.

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My Workshop

Everything produced at John’s Urban Timber is crafted in one location through the use of some modern equipment, like a wide-belt sander, as well as equipment dating back to roughly 1940, such as my Porter jointer. Creative use of these machines partnered with over twenty years of experience yields impressive, functional custom products.

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